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NFGON Bursary Winner

NFGON Bursary Winner

In 2016 I was awarded the wonderful opportunity of being the recipient of a £200 NFGON bursary to attend the BGCS conference in Birmingham. This bursary was helpful as it reduced the costs of attending the conference as well provided some money toward travel to Birmingham. In order to be eligible for an NFGON bursary I was required to submit a poster or oral presentation to the BGCS. Initially I had thought that this would be a lot of work, but I had seen some posters the previous year and this had motivated me to do a poster this year on something interesting. I chose the topic ‘learning disabilities and gynaecological cancer’ and did this in collaboration with the learning disabilities lead for my trust. I ended up getting a third place prize for the poster!  The great thing about doing a poster is that you can also use it for educational events at your own hospital that promote good practice in nursing. It’s also something to add as an achievement in your appraisal and the revalidation process. It certainly raised the spotlight on gynaecological cancer and learning disabilities in our team. I’m grateful to the NFGON for awarding me the bursary.

Philippa Lloyd

Gynaecological Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Barts Health NHS Trust


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