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Broadcasting BRCA Web Conference

28th June, 6:00pm – 7.30pm
Transforming treatment in BRCAm ovarian tumours

A live studio panel will be discussing the advances in BRCA ovarian cancer and the impact of PARP inhibitors on current clinical practice. Learn from clinical experts and have your say by joining the discussion.

Register for the live, interactive web conference event at

Click here to learn more

NFGON Conference Report

Tracie Miles 1Congratulations to Nat for bringing the committee together with massive support from Catherine Spencer CNS in Birmingham to produce sell-out conference programme!

We enjoyed a multi-disciplinary mix of speakers, with Maureen Spinetto from the RCN starting the day bringing us up to date with NMC revalidation, an very welcome talk, busting some of the myths around the process, encouraging not yet in gear to get on with it (yes, myself included!).

“Team North” was well represented with talks on obesity in womb cancer from Dr Pierre Martin- Hirsch, a great scene setter for Dr Louise Tan to tell us about the important research priorities the Womb Cancer Alliance have identified. Prof Kinta Beaver continued the research theme entertaining us with “bench to bedside theories”. Surviving treatment, the concept of a specialist nurse team was brought to us from Hull by Sarah Guest with Lynn Holmes from Hull bringing us useful tips on surviving side effects from PARP inhibition.

From the South we heard about complementary survivorship and treatment support from Nicky Bancroft based at Penny Brohn in Bristol, a celebrated concept of care for many of our patients.

And finally from Nat and Tracie an update on BRCA testing, where we are now; moving on, but still it seems a long way to go!

Your feedback was very positive, we look forward to seeing you all again next year. Please do let any one of the committee know if you have a topic/talk/poster or anything else you would like to contribute to next year’s conference in Glasgow.

Trace Miles

NFGON Bursary Winner

In 2016 I was awarded the wonderful opportunity of being the recipient of a £200 NFGON bursary to attend the BGCS conference in Birmingham. This bursary was helpful as it reduced the costs of attending the conference as well provided some money toward travel to Birmingham. In order to be eligible for an NFGON bursary I was required to submit a poster or oral presentation to the BGCS. Initially I had thought that this would be a lot of work, but I had seen some posters the previous year and this had motivated me to do a poster this year on something interesting. I chose the topic ‘learning disabilities and gynaecological cancer’ and did this in collaboration with the learning disabilities lead for my trust. I ended up getting a third place prize for the poster!  The great thing about doing a poster is that you can also use it for educational events at your own hospital that promote good practice in nursing. It’s also something to add as an achievement in your appraisal and the revalidation process. It certainly raised the spotlight on gynaecological cancer and learning disabilities in our team. I’m grateful to the NFGON for awarding me the bursary.

Philippa Lloyd

Gynaecological Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Barts Health NHS Trust


Ask Eve

PrintAsk Eve is a new and unique information service from the UK’s gynaecological cancer charity, The Eve Appeal, which will offer nurse-led, specialist, evidence based advice and information to the general public who are either experiencing or are concerned about developing symptoms associated with gynaecological cancer as well as offering up-to-date information for health professionals.

It has been designed with the needs of women affected or worried about these cancers at its core and will be based around a confidential phone and email service and information provision through social media channels such as Twitter and an online health community – Health Unlocked. The phone and email service will offer the opportunity for users to have direct access with The Eve Appeal’s specialist gynaecological cancer nurse, Tracie Miles, who will be able to provide information and support on all five gynaecological cancers, and help women to ask and discuss questions about signs and symptoms, risk factors and related issues such as genetic testing.

In addition to this direct contact woman, their families and health care providers can access tailored specialist information provided in an accessible, easy-to-understand way through The Eve Appeal information pages as well as across social media channels.

How to contact AskEve

T: 0808 802 0019 (Please note that 0808 80 numbers are free to call from landlines and mobile phones within the UK and do not appear on itemised bills.)




UCL Ovarian Cancer Survey

UCL are looking for General Practice Nurses and Cancer Nurse Specialists to take part in an anonymous online survey investigating healthcare professionals’ knowledge of ovarian cancer and views on genetic testing and risk stratification for ovarian cancer. This forms part of a larger research programme and your participation would be greatly appreciated.

Please follow the link for more information and to take part:

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